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Who would not like to receive an Oscar? I know I would. Still, I’ll settle for these accomplishments.

Builders Association 2008 Safety Excellence Award (Best of Class)

This award was recognition of the success of a multiyear effort, at Frank H. Stowell & Sons, Inc., to create and implement a comprehensive safety training program that resulted in a dramatic reduction in injuries and lost days. That nobody is getting hurt is the best reward, that the company saves a bundle on insurance each year is the next best, and that I have an award to show for it, that’s appreciated.

Society for Technical Communication Award of Excellence 2009 for Periodicals

Being recognized by one’s peers for consistently producing a high quality standard of newsletters in a vast marketplace like Chicago was a surprise. Still, it confirms that the effort to always produce the best, even for a small distribution periodical (see sample ), can stand up against the “big boys”.

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